Pools with a View: Unforgettable Rooftop Pools by Diamond Spas

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Are you ready for a pool with a view? That’s just what you’ll get when you install a pool on your rooftop. Enjoy the luxurious privacy of your own pool along with spectacular views when you opt for a custom rooftop pool.

An “oasis in the sky” experience

Going for a peaceful midnight swim under the stars in the midst of an urban setting is not a problem with your own custom rooftop pool. If you add a water wall to your pool and surround it with large potted plants like bamboo, they will help to drown out the noise of a busy city and make your swim reminiscent of one in a secluded tropical swimming hole.

A curvaceous beauty

Your custom rooftop pool needn’t be rectangular. Curves add a natural feel that can be enhanced by lush plantings and perhaps a custom water feature. A curved pool can also often fit where a less fluid shape wouldn’t, such as around rooftop obstructions.Custom Rooftop Pool by Diamond Spas

Multiple layers of interest

Adding an undermount pool to a multi-layer deck adds fun, function, and interest to what might otherwise be just a boring, flat rooftop. Using each level of the deck for a specific activity adds purpose and increased functionality.

The advantages of a rooftop pool or spa made of metal

As you might expect, rooftop pools and spas are not the easiest things to even get to the top of a building, especially if that building is many stories tall! Since water weighs approximately eight pounds per gallon, supporting all of that weight is another major consideration. Fortunately, pools made from stainless steel or copper weigh much less than traditional pool construction materials like concrete. That means less engineering and structural reinforcement costs. They are also easy to hoist and maneuver into place.

A pool made of metal is also more durable than a concrete pool since it isn’t prone to cracking or chipping. When you order a metal pool or spa from Diamond Spas, you’re getting a custom-designed feature that will enhance your rooftop and your life for many years to come. Contact us for answers to your questions or to request a quote today!


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