Pros and Cons of Natural Swimming Pools

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There are many different types of custom pool designs but natural swimming pools are a stark contrast to the mundane, rectangular chlorine-filled pools most people are used to and can be some of the most beautiful, but they aren’t for everyone. What is a natural swimming pool? Natural swimming pools are built to look like a natural body of water, and the water is filtered organically so the water has a more natural look rather than the sparkling blue look achieved with chemical filtration. Constructing a natural swimming pool is a pretty big undertaking, so it’s best to weigh all the pros and cons so you know what to expect.


  • As previously mentioned, natural pool designs are beautiful. While they have a unique style to them, they’ll blend in perfectly with the natural landscape so you can truly feel as if you’re taking a luxurious dip in the wilderness to relax.
  • Because they don’t rely on chemical filtration systems, natural swimming pools require a lot less maintenance. And because they require less maintenance, natural swimming pools cost less to maintain.
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports upwards of 3,000 hospital visits a year due to injuries from swimming pool chemicals, so lack of chemicals also means that natural swimming pools could be healthier for you.
  • Since they use their own ecosystem to keep the water clean, natural swimming pools are also better for the environment.


  • Constructing a natural swimming pool requires a lot of land for building, and the installation costs can be high.
  • The natural filtration system may leave the water looking a little brown and murky at times. Additionally, the natural filtration system may not work as well as chemical filtration, so the water quality will have to be checked often.
  • While maintenance is generally low, direct sunlight creates the perfect conditions for algae to grow, so natural swimming pools in sunny areas will require additional maintenance.
  • Natural pools can look like a welcoming environment for some wildlife which will attract more animals to your yard.

Whether you’re looking to construct a natural swimming pool for your home, an ultra-modern pool, or just want to make your bathroom a more relaxing environment, Diamond Spas has the expertise and experience to create a custom pool, tub, or spa of your dreams. Contact us today!

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