Remodeling? Check out the 2015 Cost vs Value Reports

By Cindy
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Remodeling Magazine has just come out with their 2015 Report of Cost vs Value. If you have never had a chance to see this report and you are planning on a remodel in this new year, check it out. If you are anything like me, you have a list of remodeling projects that you would like to do in your home. I have always wanted do our basement in our home and after looking at the recouping costs of that particular project which at the time was about 70%, for me it was a no brainer. We can enjoy the space now and get a large perctage back when we sell. 

The reports are quite intuitive allowing the reader to drill down to the particular region you are interested in, and also shows reports on the midrange to upscale projects including projects like bathroom remodels that include fixtures such as custom tubs, in floor heating and glass enclosed showers.

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2015 National Averages 
Bathroom Addition $76,429 $44,750 58.6%  
Bathroom Remodel $54,115 $32,385 59.8%  
Deck Addition (composite) $36,385 $21,437 58.9%  
Garage Addition $85,592 $46,791 54.7%  
Garage Door Replacement $2,944 $2,429 82.5%  
Grand Entrance (fiberglass) $7,548 $5,099 67.6%  
Major Kitchen Remodel $113,097 $66,747 59.0%  
Master Suite Addition $236,363 $126,860 53.7%  
Roofing Replacement $36,329 $22,840 62.9%  
Siding Replacement (fiber-cement) $14,014 $11,816 84.3%  
Siding Replacement (foam-backed vinyl) $15,184 $11,790 77.6%  
Window Replacement (vinyl) $13,837 $10,365 74.9%  
Window Replacement (wood) $17,422 $12,533 71.9%  

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