Replacing That Old Kitchen Sink with a New Custom Sink

By Cindy
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If your kitchen has an avocado dishwasher or a Harvest Gold colored oven then you may be ready for a Welcome to the 2000’s kitchen remodel!

One of the calls we get on a weekly basis are from those homeowners who are in the middle of their kitchen reconstruction and realize that their existing kitchen sink has a unique shape and size and can’t be replaced by running down to the local Home Depot or buying at their local showroom. Styles come and go and if you have an oddly sized custom sink and are trying to fit that new sink into the same space that the old sink was in, you will more than likely need to have a custom sink fabricated to fit.

Custom sinks can be fabricated to fit perfectly into the existing space of your old sink and can be made with different depths, wells configurations as well as different faucet layouts.

If you would like to order a custom sink, simply take a template of the existing sink (outside shape) and send to Diamond Spas and from there a CAD drawing can be made and options added. 

Another option for ordering a custom sink is finding the old sink spec online. Some sinks have model numbers on them and the sink specs can be found online and replicated. This is the easiest option but there are times when model numbers or names of manufactures cannot be found. When this is the case making a template is the best solution.

When ordering a new custom sink you have the ability to change the metal type (copper or stainless steel) making it wiht an apron as well as adding or taking away water basins.


 Call us today to let us help you with your order on a new cutom kitchen sink and we’ll have it to your door in weeks.


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