River Rocks In Luxury Bathroom Designs

By Cindy
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The use of materials found in nature are making it way into luxury bathroom designs. From bamboo, grasses, distressed wood and rock, the look of natural elements mixed with shiny luxury components such as metal baths make for nice contrasting characteristics.

The smooth look of river rock is adorning everything these days from the walls to the flooring bringing a little of the outdoors in. River rock is a choice material designers like to use for its textured look, variety of color options and custom abilities.

The flooring underneath this Japanese bath tub was designed using large river rocks as well as some pebbles mixed in for a real life look in nature. Old barn timbers were also used to add to the natural feel of the bathroom.

Inlaid river rock on flooring plays a large part in this bathrooms design. Said to be good for the feet in that it hits pressure points, river rock adds a nice visual resting place.

Here is a great idea by a designer who chose to use a clear glass sheeting over the river rock which gives the appearance of still water over the rocks. Another element of bringing nature into the bathroom.

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