Save Money with this Pool Water Saving App

By Cindy
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Pool Cover Specialists have just come out with a swimming pool energy and water savings calculator app for your i-phone with an easy to use calculator which shows the cost of energy, water and chemicals your heated swimming pool or swim spa currently uses, and the significant major savings you could realize (potentially thousands of dollars per year) from using a pool cover.
This patent pending calculator uses the temperature you prefer to keep your pool, what state you live in, the size of your pool and other data you input, along with data from sources such as the Department of Energy’s study on residential swimming pools, and produces the following:
Average cost of Energy your pool currently consumes per year, and the potential Savings you could achieve.
-Average cost of Water from replacing the evaporated pool water from your pool per year, and the potential savings you could achieve.
-Average cost of Chemicals you use per year, and the potential savings you could achieve.
– Average gallons of Water your pool loses through evaporation per year, in thousands of gallons, and the potential savings you could achieve.
– Average CO2, in tons, put into the atmosphere from heating your pool, per year, and the potential reduction you could achieve.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your swimming pools energy bills, save water, keep your pool safer or simply reduce your carbon footprint and turn your swimming pool and back yard environment into more of a “Green” environment, then this app can help put you in the right direction.
Other Features of this app:
– Ability to save the calculated results from multiple scenarios or multiple clients.
– Photo Gallery showing examples of existing pools with covers and new construction
– Sources and contact information for swimming pool safety organizations

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