Selecting The Right Sink Design For Your Kitchen

By Cindy
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Many times the sink is the focal point of a kitchen. At Diamond Spas we think that sink and its fixtures should complement they atmosphere and style of your kitchen. Our fabrication service allows you to select the style, shape, size, and materials used to create your own sink. Some times the process of designing your own sink can be over-whelming, so before you meet with designer at Diamond Spas, ask yourself the following questions to help you focus your vision.

  1. Do I plan to wash or just rinse dishes in the sink?
  2. Do I want to set a cutting board across the sink for chopping vegetables?
  3. Do I need two sinks—a main one and another for prep work or entertaining?
  4. Where would a sink, or sinks, be most conveniently placed for my cooking needs?
  5. How will my countertop material affect my choice of sink material?
  6. Which installation method do I prefer—self-rimming, undermounted, or integral?
  7. Do I prefer a stainless steel or a colored sink?
  8. Do I prefer a single, double, or triple bowl?

If you find yourself still unable to decide on a style, don’t stress because a Diamond Spas professional will be happy to help.

Click here for a printable sinks questionnaire.

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