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Diamond Spas has been shipping worldwide since 2008 and since that time they have continued to work in more countries than ever before. Recent shipments in the past few months have included ports in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Thailand, France and Jerusalem.

Working with a variety of carriers including trucking and ocean freight, DSI has a great deal of experience in the very large hauls to the smaller loads going into obstructed areas.




Diamond Spas takes the utmost care in making sure your custom jacuzzi or luxury tub gets to its delivery site in the same condition it left our fabication facilites.

  • Upon shipment you will recieve pictures of your completed product, along with your custom owners guide and installation instructions.
  • All DSI products are carefully wrapped in felt and two different plastics to protect the surface finish.
  • Products are braced and padded to protect during shipment
  • Crates are built with 7/16” OSB Wood and Douglas Fir Studs.
  • Crates are clearly marked with the project number and contents.
  • Crates can be loaded/offloaded with a forklift and extended forks.
  • For box truck loads, the crate is not wrapped and will be loaded/offloaded at the rear of the truck.
  • For smaller loads a rear lift gate is also available – this acts as an elevator for your product.
Crate_and_Ship3.jpg AdobeStock_543581.jpeg

For flatbed

  • For flatbed loads, the crate is wrapped with a tarp to protect from the elements during travel.
  • Diamond Spas packages all shipments with great care in wood crates for transport.
  • All products are carefully wrapped in black felt, then a layer of black protective plastic, and finally a layer of clear protective plastic.
  • Products are then braced and padded to protect the vessel during transportation.
  • Remote equipment packs will arrive in a separate crate, also padded for extra protection.
  • Crates are clearly marked with project number and contents.
  • Crates must be offloaded with a forklift with extended forks.
  • Forklifts are not provided by DSI or the Carrier, you will need to make arrangements for a forklift to be on-site for unloading.
  • DSI does not recommend offloading or hoisting with a crane.
  • This crate will also include your start up kit and any accessories for auto covers.

Got questions regarding shipping? Contant Diamond Spas today.


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