Should You Patina Your Copper Products?

By Cindy
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Copper in its natural state is called raw copper. Think of it as a shiny new penny, with its beautiful bronze tones. And just like a raw copper penny, without any wax or patina added to it, that raw copper will darken over time and naturally patina bringing out greens, browns and even light blue tones. The look is absolutely gorgeous but just note, it will patina unevenly. Darker tones in some areas and lighter in others. This custom copper shower pan was fabricated without a final patina or wax and you can see how the copper is oxidizing. There are blues, greens and browns popping through out the custom shower pan making for a fabulous rustic look.


Custom Copper Shower Pan


If you don’t like the uneven look of oxidized copper you can put a patina on the finished copper. The patina will darken the copper only slightly but will not allow the elements to penetrate the copper as much which eventually leads to oxidation. This copper outdoor spa has a wax on it which gives it the rich deep tones.

Copper spa components full spa package

Some clients love the look of a dark patina and request a darker patina be added to their finished product. This copper soaking tub has been given a darker deeper patina which almost gives the tub a warm rich chocolate tone. With the darker patina, fingerprints and oxidation will be less noticeable due to the dark color.

When it comes to patina, it really depends on what you want from your finished product. Patina is not going to eliminate some oxidation from occurring but it will diminish the effects. From the untouched raw copper to the darkest of patinas, we can custom design your copper product to match your design needs.


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