Shower Power

By Cindy
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What once was all about the whirlpool tub is now equally if not moreso all about the bigger, bolder shower. Custom showers are taking over in bathroom design as they are large and more comprehensive in detail than ever before with shower systems that are equipped with multiple adjusted water jets, rain style shower heads, bench seats and digital shower systems that regulate the water temperatures and water pressures.

Some design specialists believe that luxury tubs are going out and showers are taking their place in the master bathroom design, but what we are seeing from our clients is that they are making more space for both the custom showers spaces and their free standing tubs. “The custom shower space and the soaking tub have their own functionality but who wants to go without either of these”, Jordan Minks of Bathrooms Unlimted remarks. “We have many clients where the wife loves her nightly baths and her husband may take a bath once a month for its relaxing qualities but the shower is where you can get in quick if you like but with all these luxury shower systems that we are putting in these showers you may find yourself lingering a lot longer.”

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