Shower Systems Get Sophisticated

By Cindy
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Brizo Shower system

Simple shower heads are a thing of the past when looking at the luxury bath market. Taking a shower is getting more sophisticated. Multi jetted shower systems are taking over the shower. Shower panels, vertical spas, body them what you will, the simple shower can now be a place of escapism. These elaborate systems come with a wide range of options. Multiple water jets that can range from massaging to gentle or hard sprays, self–pressurizing controls to regulate water flows, hand held adjustable shower heads and temperature controls that save temperatures for numerous bathers.

Ondus Digital Shower Systems

The digital revolution has taken over the world, and the bathroom has not been forgotten. We found this cool product made by Grohe. The mulitiple award-winning Ondus® is a digital faucet and showers control which brings a new level of user comfort to the basin, bathtub and shower. This digital faucet allows the bather to control the water temps with a touch of the finger. A memory keeps the water temps and pressures so multiple bathers can enjoy their bath at the temps and pressures they enjoy. They have one for the Shower head as well.

Kohler’s DTV Control

Kohler is getting in on the game of bathroom “digitization”. They have come out with their version of the TV controler in the shower. Their DTV digital platform is basically an all access pass to steam, light, music and adjustable water massage. All that’s missing now is a lounger and a flat screen!





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