Six Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide To Try Today

By Cindy
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Chlorine. Do some quick research and you will find a myriad of reasons why you should stay away from the stuff especially in your residential swimming pools and custom spas. The side effects the chemical has on swimmers and their bodies is a long list which includes conditions such as acne, asthma type conditions, itchy eyes, sore throat, hair loss and tightness of the chest just to name a few. Chlorine is a toxic chemical so we shouldn’t be surprised that there are side effects to our bodies. 

Diamond Spas chooses not to use chlorine as we believe in using natural alternatives to chlorine. Diamond Spas offers their clients a cleaner safer way for water sanitation by using a two-part system composed of an ultraviolet sterilizer and hydrogen peroxide (oxidation).  Hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen and oxygen (active water). It reverts back to hydrogen and oxygen once it is spent.  The ultraviolet bulb used in UV sterilization, is normally replaced on an annual basis.  



Besides sanitizing hot tubs and pools, hydrogen peroxide has many diverse benefits from beauty, health and food including these six uses. 

  • Use as an alternative to bleach. Want to get those sheets and towels a bright white? Pour a cup of hydrogen peroxide in with the whites and see them go from drab to bright white.
  • The pearly whites too! Take a capful of it and swish around for 8-10 minutes and forget those expensive whitening strips.
  • OUCH!  Soak any infections or cuts in 3% peroxide for five to ten minutes several times a day to avoid an infection.
  • Make it grow. Add 3% ounce of hydrogen peroxide to each gallon of water and water your plants. The solution will also keep the bugs away.
  • Clean up those nasty make up brushes.In a small glass dilute peroxide with 50-percent water in a glass jar, stick your best brushes in for five minutes, and then rinse.
  • The dreaded zit. The build-up of bacteria inside pores can cause pimples to form. Rid your face of germs by swiping a hydrogen peroxide-soaked cotton swab over acne-prone areas and give your skin a new clean start.


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