Skirting. The Hot Tub Issues

By Cindy
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300dpi_Hi_Res_Stainless_Copper_SpaTo skirt or not to skirt, that is the question. It usually depends on the aethetics of the hot tub project and the overall look and feel, but price can play a role too.

Skirting can add a large price tag to the purchase of a custom hot tub because the dimensions of the metal and the labor that is factored into each bespoke spa. If you are looking to cut costs when building your luxury spa, here are some tips to reducing the price.


Want the luxury look but not the full price? Think about a partial skirting hot tub. With a partial skirt, you can expose the front apron on the hot tub so it reveals the metal on the front but the other sides can be unfinished therefore reducing the price of the metal used in the project. Using decking, or stone can be placed along the unfinished sides and still has a stunning effect.



A drop in hot tub is another solution for reducing costs on your custom hot tub. Having the spa built with unfinished sides will reduce the amount of metal needed, and can give the bathers easy access to getting in and out of the tub.

When it comes to servicing the hot tub an access area or crawl space will need to be provided so when issues arise the spa tech will be able to access the plumbing components easily.

Another option to reduce costs is mixing up the metals. Copper spas are gorgeous, there is no denying it, but they can also be costly as the metal is considered an (almost) precious metal. Combing the copper metals on the hot tub skirt and then using the stainless steel in the shell will give the appearance of a copper spa without the costs.


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