Soaking Up the Summer in These Outdoor Baths

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Do your lazy days of summer include relaxing in a secluded outdoor tub surrounded by flowers, shaded by trees, and serenaded by songbirds? If not, it may be time to treat yourself to a custom outdoor tub. Luxurious spa-like outdoor tub enclosures have become very popular in the last few years.

Experience the healing powers of nature while enjoying your bath

Scientists are discovering the restorative benefits of natural environments. They soothe the mind, body, and soul by decreasing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, relaxing muscle tension, and giving your immune system a boost. They can even increase feelings of pleasantness and joy. And owners of outdoor tubs just thought they were pampering themselves with an outdoor bubble bath!

Choosing your custom outdoor tub

When choosing a tub for outside, it’s important to balance beauty with functionality. There are some lovely bathtubs available that just can’t stand up to being outdoors in all kinds of weather. Fortunately, some tubs are durable enough to weather whatever moisture and temperature conditions they may encounter.

Stainless steel and copper are two such bathtub materials. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing but they look right at home in a natural setting. They’re also extremely functional since metal is incredibly durable, relatively lightweight, and easy to clean. Unlike many other tub materials, you won’t ever have to worry about your Diamond Spas copper or stainless steel tub cracking or blistering.

Getting the luxurious outdoor tub you deserve

At Diamond Spas, we transform your ideas into a custom, luxury outdoor tub that meets every aspect of what you had in mind. Our team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen will work with you to get everything just right.

Are you ready to enhance your yard with an elegant outdoor bathtub? Our Modern & Contemporary Bathtubs & Spas – Kitchen & Bath Collection has many beautiful products through which to browse. Then simply reach out to us with any questions you may have or to request a quote.



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