Soaking Tub Proves Best Medicine for Sleep Deprivation

By Cindy
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Stainless Soaking Tub in Bathroom
Japanese Bath by Diamond Spas

The National Sleep Foundation just came out with a list of items that help improve sleep. Taking a dip in a soaking tub topped the list as one of their keys to achieving better sleep through the night. In a 1997 sleep study at Cornell University, 44 patients sleep patterns were observed after soaking in a hot soaking bath and the results suggested that a rapid decline in core body temperature increases the likelihood of sleep initiation and may facilitate an entry into the deeper stages of sleep. Here are some key tips to taking your bath before bedtime.

  • Don’t go too hot or the reverse will happen and your sleep deprivation can become worse.
  • Place a cool wet rag on your hands, feet or neck or on all the above to maintain comfortable body temperature.
  • If you have massage jets in your custom tub, use them! These massaging jets are perfect to work out tight muscles an aching joints.
  • Drink plenty of water to rehydrate from lost fluids
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