Spas Provide Out of the Ordinary Treatments

By Cindy
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Spas are not offering the same ho-hum treatments of the past such as sports and Swedish massages. Todays treatments are much more of a ritual experience. Many spas are helping their clients relax but with some of these new treatments, they are also aiding in aging process.

Here are some of the new trends in spa treatments:

The Hammam is a Turkish version of a wet sauna. These heated rooms are much more luxurious than traditional steam rooms, with mosaic tiles, mood lighting, and heated marble tables. The fundamental part of the treatment is the exfoliation that is performed on these heated tables with the attendant rubbing you down with a loofah.


For the luxury facial, the caviar treatment is not for the cost conscious. Caviar facials are popular with celebrities that are attending red carpet events. Caviar has a cell structure similar to that of human skin cells and collagen and that fish eggs are packed full of vitamins A, D, B1, B2 and B6, which benefits the skin’s resilience, stimulates the production of collagen, and provides hydration.


Essential Oil Baths combine the heat of the water with different essential oils that can both sooth the spirit and heal the body. The medicinal effects of your bath will vary according to the essential oil chosen; the essential oil of tea tree is antiseptic; rosemary is an expectorant; and thyme essential oil strengthens the immune system. Seen here is a copper bath tub which prevents inflammation in arthritis and similar diseases.

Shirodhara is a spa treatment for the head that uses a steady flow of warm organic oil and drips a steady stream over the forehead. Believed to cleanse the mind of emotional and hormonal imbalances as well as ease tensions. While many spas include additional treatments to the Shirodhara such as hand and foot massage, fans of the oil treatment swear by its qualities that helped them ward off migraines, depression and insomnia.

The Vichy Shower is used in many spas as an add on treatment and combines an exfoliation. The alternating hot and cold water from the shower helps in circulating blood flow much like the cold plunge pool, an ancient ritual that is also used in spas across the world.

Rhassoul combines mineral rich mud, steam and water which is said to improve skin texture and elasticity. The treatment begins with a exfoliating scrub followed by a rub down of mud. Hot steam softens the mud allowing the skin to absorb the minerals.

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