Stainless Steel or Copper – Which metal is better for your new bathtub?

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Both stainless steel and copper offer a unique and classy beauty that can set off the aesthetic wonder of any bathroom. Ideal materials for custom bathtubs, these high-end metals will hold up well over time and maintain an attractive appearance over its lifetime. Both metals offer many benefits, so choosing one or the other to include in your new or soon to be remodeled bathroom deserves a little insight. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of each of these beautiful metals to see how they might work as a tub in your bathroom.



Perhaps the most appealing feature of a copper bathtub is the elegant and luxurious aesthetic it adds to any bathroom. Its rich, beautiful look has a natural quality known as a “living finish”. Different from other materials, this unique characteristic allows a pure copper bathtub to increase in beauty as it ages. It interacts with its environment and organically deepens in color and tone over time.


Copper is easy to clean and maintain, and it has antimicrobial properties. In fact, copper is registered as an antimicrobial material with the EPA, as bacteria cannot thrive on the metal, surviving for only a couple of hours on its own.


Another unique characteristic to copper is its ability to heal itself. Should a scratch in a tub result in shiny streak, fear not. The living finish properties of copper will cause the scratch to darken and eventually blend in with the original patina. No maintenance is needed as the blemish will naturally disappear on its own.


For those that like long, hot baths, copper is the perfect metal for your bathtub. It heats up quicker and retains heat longer, making it ideal when you want to escape in its luxurious warmth for a while.


While copper has a number of advantages, one of which is ease of cleaning as merely a soapy sponge is all that is needed, it is expensive and can be hard to find.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bathtubs complement modern and contemporary bathroom designs and make for a stunning visual with their shiny and strong look. The shine of stainless steel will remain consistent and maintain its appearance over the years. In addition to its bold and shiny look, this strong metal brings with it an industrial strength appearance that many find appealing.


Similar to copper, stainless steel is also self-healing. It does not need a coating to protect it from corrosion, and the metal is highly resistant to tarnishing and rusting. Stainless steel also contains hygienic properties, which makes the non-porous metal very popular in sterile environments.


Stainless steel is an extremely durable material, the most durable of all steel metals in the market. It is recognized as a prime material for marine applications because it holds its luster in water, and is very strong and sturdy.


Though less expensive than copper, stainless steel bathtubs are a luxury item, and those who have stainless steel tubs enjoy the look and durability of this hardy metal.


For more information about the aesthetic wonder and great benefits of having a beautiful copper or stainless steel bathtub installed in your home, call Diamond Spas at (800) 951-7727.

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