Stainless Steel Tub Is Center Stage

By Cindy
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Stainless Steel Bath Gets Star Treatment

Diamond Spas stainless steel baths got center stage this week as The New York Post did a two page spread on high tech showers and luxury bathtubs, and featured our unique bath as the image to grace the cover shot. The New York installed tub is a beauty set in a bathroom that has about every texture one could wish for. Stacked pebbled walls, limestone tile flooring and teak woods were the backdrop for the stainless beauty. As the writer notes in her editorial, “Baths have almost become works of art“, and we couldn’t agree more. Homeowners want stylistic yet functional comfortable pieces that make a statement. And comfortable it is. Fabricated with a contoured bottom, the foot of the tub has added elevation to lift the feet, and the back has a nice recline that begs the bather to lay back and relax.

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