Stainless Steel Water Feature Increases Indoor Humidity

By Cindy
Posted . Filed under Health & Wellness.

The cold weather has a way of keeping us bundled up and locked indoors escaping the blustery weather. Winter blues can set in when you miss the sights and sounds of the outdoors. There is no way to shorten the winter season, but something that may help shake the blues is an indoor water feature. Stainless steel water features brings in the sounds of a natural water fall to your indoor location while adding a dash of sophistication. The sounds of water make any room a more relaxed and peaceful environment which emulates a slow moving river. The quiet hush of water flowing will bring you to a quiet zen-ful place. An added benefit that these beautiful custom pieces provide-moisture! Our skin is inclined to get very dry during the winter months because of exposure to the elements and winter house heaters in our homes. Water features will naturally increase your indoor humidity, adding moisture to dry skin, throats and eyes.

From sheetfall water features which has water falling down a large flat spillway, to a rainfall curtain which emulates rain falling in pencil like streams, to a water wall feature where water cascades and flows down the wall, the design possibilities are limitless.

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