Step In Specialty Bath an Alternative to Walk in Tubs

By Cindy
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If you have watched any amount of television you have undoubtedly seen the commercials for senior citizens who are literally walking into their tubs and closing the door on the contraption. Great idea, especially for individuals who have limited mobility. We have clients wanting the same type of tub, requesting a specialty bath that is easy to enter and easy to exit, yet still want a sophisticated bath design. There is no need to skimp on a bath tub design because of disabilities or limited motion. Diamond Spas can fabricate a custom bathtub along with handrails and entry and exit steps that lead into and out of the bath for ease. A bench seat can also be added to any bath product for those individuals who love to take a bath, but find it hard to get up from a reclined position. If tub drainage is a safety concern, request a dual drainage system for quick tub drainage.

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