Sun Shelf is Optimal for Luxury Swimming Pools

By Cindy
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Contemporary Pool by Chantilly Pools And Spas Lewis Aquatech

You may or may not have seen these nifty addition to custom swimming pools lately, but sun shelves are making their way to home near you. Once a rarity or something only seen at high end hotels, sun shelves are now becoming quite common. A sun shelf which is also coined a tanning shelf or a baja shelf is merely a shallow step down before the swimming pool depth gets deeper. A popular spot for chaise loungers to tan above the cool water or a safe shallow pool area for the kids and the family dog to get some relief from the heat.
Mostly thought of as a kiddie space, adults are finding the joy in them as well by incorporating built in tables or water massage jets to the design giving the adults an ideal place to sit back have a drink, or enjoy a relaxing therapeutic jet massage.
Tropical Exterior by Tampa Stone Pavers And Concrete Travertine Warehouse
For many zero entry swimming pools are a highly desirable option for those looking at building a
residential swimming pool, but to get that desired look a yard must be quite large to accommodate the gentle sloping which starts out at zero and slow slopes to a depth of one foot. A beach entry will automatically take up several feet before reaching a significant depth whereas the sun shelf needs less than that.

Sun shelves also are much easier to design and incorporate into smaller backyards that can’t accommodate a beach entry and adds a fun resort-like atmosphere into the customer’s landscape.


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