Sunken Tubs-A Danger Waiting to Happen?

By Cindy
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My current obsession is the sunken tub. I am not sure what is about these inground soakers that have me me so enthralled but perhaps it’s an uncommon feature not seen in many bathroom designs today. The contemporary uncluttered lines have an element of surprise when you come across the rare delight, and have me begging to to jump in for a nice hot bath.

For some however, the sunken tub is causing alarm due to it “hole in the ground” feature. From spills into the tub, to the awkwardness of getting in and out of the bath, some builders are not huge proponents of designing around the custom tubs, not only for the safety reasons but for the large amount of crawl space needed underneath the tub to sink it into.

The sunken tubs I have seen as of late have nice built in steps that lead in and out of the tub, almost like a walk in tub which actually seem more safe then the traditional tubs that you basically have to crawl into. I have been known to slip a time or two just hopping into my freestanding tub hopping over the ledge, so I guess a fall can happen no matter what kind of tub you have.

I guess when I start building my dream home some day, and have my sunken tub in place I will take those chances..but in the meantime, a girl can dream.

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