Swim Spas vs a Spa

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Swimming offers more than relaxation and fun in the sun – it’s a great way to get exercise as well! The increased popularity of swim spas – swimming pool alternatives that offer the benefits of water exercise along with the therapy of a hot tub – shows that more people are turning to swimming as a way to get in a good workout at home. This rise in popularity begs the question “what’s better – swim spas or spas?”
When it comes to swim spas vs spas, for those with a small backyard, swim spas are the obvious, better choice. Not only do they take up far less space, but what they offer comes in a very space-efficient package. With swim spas, you’re getting a hot tub and an exercise area in one space. Even if you have a large backyard, you may want to opt for a swim spa versus a traditional pool and hot tub because it will leave more room for other activities and entertaining space.
Because they’re smaller than most pool and hot tub combinations, swim spas are typically much less expensive than installing the alternative. In addition to the upfront costs, there are maintenance costs like chemicals and equipment a pool will require to stay in a safe, usable condition. In the determination of swim spas vs spas, swim spas are also easier and quicker to install, taking one or two days to install and be ready to use, whereas pools can take days to weeks until they’re ready.
Between swim spas versus pools, swim spas seem to have more to offer but aren’t without their own faults. If you’re not that enthused about the health benefits of swimming and have children or like to entertain often, a swimming pool or spa makes much more sense. Even if you are more interested in swimming for exercise, there are some reasons to opt for a pool. While swim spas can provide a current of water for swimming, pools offer a much more natural swimming experience, and you can go at your own pace rather than matching the speed of a jet. Pools also add a lot more value to a home than a swim spa.
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