Swimming in Style – Indoor Pools

By Cindy
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We look to architects for design inspiration and new innovative styles for pools and spas. Indoor pools and spas are excellent addition to a home, because whether you are located in a warm or cold climate, indoors pools, and can be used all year round. Architectural Digest has showcased unique indoor pools, from across the United States.

Location: New York. Style: Traditional. Designed by: Architect Paul F. Shurtleff; Interior Designer Thad Hayes and Landscape Architect Douglas Reed.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico. Style: Tropical Garden, Design by: Architect Bart Prince.

Location: Park City Utah, Style Modern. Designed by: Architect Peter Bohlin.

To read more about the indoor pool designs or to view more unique indoor pools, visit AD: Indoor Pools. Ask a consultant at Diamonds Spas for advice on adding an indoor pool or spa.

Photos: Architectural Digest

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