Talk the Talk. A Guide to Diamond Spas Custom Bathtub Terminology

By Cindy
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You say tomato, I say tomato. Sounds similar right, but sometimes words can mean entirely different things to one individual and something else to another. When ordering a highly custom bath tub or sink product from Diamond Spas, we want to make sure we are all on the same page when it comes to terminology so we have come up with the most common used words in ordering a custom tub and defining each one and how it relates to ordering your luxury tub.


Skirt – Refers to the outside vertical elements of the tub greater than 2″. Skirting can be on 1, 2, 3, or all 4 sides of the tub and can also be applied to any round bath. Skirting effects the pricing of the tub. The more skirting that is used in the bath fabrication the more expensive the tub, and the less used, on the tub the less expensive.

Ledge – Refers to the horizontal elements along the top of th tub. Ledges can be all the same size or can be different on all sides. Minimum ledge size is typically 4″ on tubs with a full skirt, self rimming or undermount and is typically is 6″ on tubs with a tapered skirt. If a faucet is to be mounted on the tub, a wider ledge may be needed to allow for faucet clearance.

Flange – There are typically 3 types of flanges:

Undermount – Flange is bent down along the outside of ledge.

Tile Flange – Flange is bent up along outside of ledge.

Stiffening Flange – Any other type of flange that is incorporated to add rigidity to the tub.

Overflow – Found on the upper portion of the tub that allows for water excess to drain properly. This feature is located during the time of fabrication of the tub and is placed 2″-3″ from the top of the tub unless otherwise specified by the client.

Drain – This is a feature that must be chosen by the client. Different drain options are available for each type of tub bottom. Each tub will be hand crafted to allow for proper drainage.

Whirlpool – If you choose a tub with a whirlpool option, your tub will be outfitted with a whirlpool package which includes

a) pump – 1 or 2 hp whirlpool pump, typically located behind the back on standard tubs and below the bench seat on the Japanese soaking tubs.

b) blower – 1hp pump that can be installed with air jets to provide more bubbles.

c) jets – Our whirpool package comes standard with 6 jets although more or less can be requested. Jets are typically mounted on the sides of the tub equally spaced although custom jet placement is welcomed.

d) suction – part of the recirculation system, the suction is located during fabrication at the lowest part of the tub.

e) on/off switch – Turns whirlpool or air jets on and off.

f) inline heater – Can be purchased as on option with the whirlpool system and will MAINTAIN the heat of the water that is placed in the tub.

g) access panel – Removable panel that is attached to the outside of the tub to provide access to pumps, faucets, waste/overflow or any other internal plumbing of the tub. Access panels can be placed anywhere on the tub and is specified by the client during the CAD drawing phase.

Chromatherapy – Lighting system that allows the bather to choose different colored hues in the tub for relaxation.

Onsite pump – Pumps are self contained on the tub.

Remote pump – Pump is placed off the tub but within 6-8′ of the tub and can be placed under built in stairs, behind walls etc.

Japanese tub – Founded in Japan, these tubs are small in footspace but have a deep well with a built in bench seat for a neck level soaking experience.

Contour Bottom – Designed for one bather, the back has a full recline and the feet are elevated.

Mid contour bottom – Designed for two bathers, the contour is placed in the middle of the tub elevating the knees of each bather.

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