Textures Make You Want to Touch This

By Cindy
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Stephen and Gail Huberman have been doing interior design work for over 35 years. Their worked has spanned the spectrum from small scale of apartment projects to the grandiose of the Oheka castle in New York.

Diamond Spas was approached by this dynamic couple to work on a custom bath for a project they were working on in upstate New York. The master bathroom alone is a roomy 800 square feet and does not miss a single detail when it comes to being exquisite. Limestone tile floors, stacked pebble tile walls by Ann Sacks, and the glowing stainless steel luxury bath that is big enough for two are just some of its features. The textures of the room make you want to touch it all.

The bathroom was just one of the rooms that got a makeover. The whole house was remodeled by the trendsetting couple costing about $250,000 for the decorating alone. Included in the remodel were some amazing elements such as suede walls in the office, gold plated ceilings, and rare wood furnishings.

For more information on Gail and Stephen Huberman contact them at SGH Interiors.



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