The Benefits of Buying Custom

By Cindy
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For a truly exceptional and unique addition to your home, a custom designed spa or tub, made of stainless steel or copper, fabricated to your specifications is an undeniable luxury. Custom sinks for the kitchen and bath, designed to accommodate a desired theme or accentuate the room’s features, look, and feel, add that personalized touch when it comes to the interior design of these multi-use environments. A custom designed pool that blends in to or incorporates your landscape can create a personal resort-like retreat. The design ideas are endless, and the benefits of buying a custom spa, pool, sink, or tub not only come in the form of a well-crafted product, but one built to fit your exact desires.


Size, shape, look, feel, and function are specific to your wishes, wants, and needs with a custom job. When you commission a custom project by Diamond Spas, we take the time to understand your requirements and design goals. The key to a proper custom built job starts with a defined plan with the aim of creating an end product that meets and exceeds what you envisioned. This process begins with great customer service and communication, and extends to the coordination of design ideas and specific dimensions of the project with builders, architects, designers, and engineers.

Custom design can also incorporate health needs too. The hydrotherapeutic value of bath tubs, hot tubs, soaking and plunging pools, spas, and swimming pools is well-known, and customizing these fixtures to meet medical needs is a considerable benefit that comes with a custom designed and built product. Antimicrobial and other hygienically beneficial properties can be found in stainless steel and copper, as well; a benefit not often found in store bought sinks and tubs.

Matching a sink or tub to your kitchen or bathroom design is a significant benefit of a custom product over a store bought one. The ability to coordinate and match colors, materials, and other fixtures in the room is possible when a custom design is managed by professionals. A custom copper sink and matching soaking tub can be stylishly offset by wood, tile, rock, or other materials incorporated into the overall environment’s design, to create a desired look and feel.


Through a concerted design process and project management approach to your custom water feature, a unique and special tub, sink, pool, and/or spa will be built to your exact wishes with Diamond Spas.


Call today to see how Diamond Spas can help you create the custom bath, kitchen, or spa and pool area of your dreams with its unique tub, sink, pool, and spa designs.

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