The Benefits of Copper in Your Bathroom

By Cindy
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The living finish and benefits of copper has made it a highly sought-after material for sinks, tubs, fixtures, and decoration in today’s bathroom. Copper brings warmth and beauty to any bathroom, whether your aesthetic is contemporary, modern, vintage, or traditional. The versatility of copper makes it a top choice for many designers, architects, and custom home builders. With copper, you have many variations of design available to you, and can incorporate sleek, angular lines or ornate, delicate curves – whatever your vision is for your copper sink or bathtub.

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Copper adapts easily to any shape or mold, and is more malleable than steel and other materials commonly used to create tubs, such as cast iron. Copper has its own personality, with the unique look and feel of each piece developing over time and with use. Your copper tub, sink, and fixtures will change as the patina develops. This color change is part of the natural aging process of copper, which looks delicate but is quite durable.

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Copper also contains antimicrobial properties, another one of the benefits of copper why people choose it for bathtubs and bathroom sinks. When you choose copper for your bathroom tub and sink, you are making a wise choice, as bacteria die off quickly on a copper surface. Cleaning your copper sink, bathtub, and fixtures does not require harsh household cleansers. In fact, because of its natural antimicrobial properties, all you need to sanitize your tub and sink after use is rinse off any soapy residue with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. You can wash out your copper sink and tub with a mild dish soap occasionally, but avoid using chemicals that can damage or erase the beautiful, natural patina of your copper.

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At Diamond Spas, we work with copper almost every day, and we understand the benefits of copper, as it is a versatile and beautiful natural metal. Let us show you what our copper specialists can create for your home. We want you to achieve the look and feel you envision when you picture the bathroom of your dreams, while enjoying the benefits of copper in your home. Relax, refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate your mind and body as you luxuriate in your very own bathing oasis, warmed and enhanced by the glow of gorgeous copper. We can deliver and install your tub, sink, or custom water feature, as well. Contact us today toll free at (800) 951-7727, or in Colorado call (720) 864-9115.

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