The Benefits of Copper

By Cindy
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Copper has long been valued for its unique aesthetic worth, and has been highly favored for centuries, in many aspects of both commercial and residential design. Known as a “living finish”, gorgeous copper offers a warm glow to any room.


Left unfinished, the natural pink/orange hues can darken to a richer, deeper caramel brown patina, and may take on a slightly greenish tint. Using the proper sealants when your copper is new, will help protect the soft, natural glow of your copper sink or tub for many years.

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Copper is softer than steel and other materials, and therefore easily shaped to fit your particular design and dimensions. Whether you are using copper for a kitchen sink, bathroom sink, tub or shower installation, or in a spa, pool or water feature, there are many ways to incorporate this versatile natural element into your living space.

Along with the unique look and personality of copper, there are other benefits to this adaptable natural metal. Some copper has antimicrobial properties, making it a good choice for installations involving water. Manufacturers who desire to make this claim must validate that their products are antimicrobial, and register with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who regulates these claims.

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You may want to do some fact checking here:  United States Environmental Protection Agency. Additional information can be found here: This site provides information about the science behind it, and where to find products that use Antimicrobial Copper™.

Custom Copper Flow Shape Spa

In 2012, Ronald McDonald House of Charleston chose to replace steel, wood, and plastic surfaces with beautiful, practical antimicrobial copper to help create a safer environment for the staff and families who stay there while their seriously ill children are treated at local hospitals. Project Manager Robin Willis stated “Our house is a home away from home. We have loads of housekeeping services, but this is just an added layer of protection for families. Bacteria die on these surfaces.”


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