The Best Materials for Custom Spas

By Cindy
Posted . Filed under Design Inspirations.

It’s something that is quite common with plastic based hot tubs. And if you own an acrylic or fiberglass hot tub from 20 years ago you know what I am talking about. These materials breakdown over time with cracking, peeling, fading and even discoloring. Acrylic, plastic and fiberglass materials are not made for the harsh conditions of sun, saltwater, or snow.

High end hot tubs made from metals such as copper or stainless steel are ideal for outside installation as the metal is extremely durable while at the same time flexible for custom spa design. Purchasing a metal spa is a guarantee that your hot tub will never look old, outdated, or worn out by mother nature. The custom spa you install today will look as good 20 years from now, guaranteed.

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