The Best of Bubbles in your Beautiful Tubs

By Cindy
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Beautiful Tubs aren’t just meant for you and the water. If you are a bath lover like myself, you probably enjoy some luxurious smelling foamy bubbles to soak in. There are many brands of Bubble baths to choose from. Some sold as foaming baths, gels, or foamy cleansers. The reviews of these bubble baths took top marks. From the “intoxicating smell” to the skin softening properties, add some of these bubbles to your next soaking!

I am a fan of everything Laura Mercier. She has a line of bath and body washes, one named after sweet treats. The Creme Brulee Honey Bath smells of just that..a yummy dessert. The jar is reminiscent of an old fashioned honey jar with wooden honey dipper.

Burt’s Bees BABy Bee Bubble Bath. Yes you read that right. I had to take a double take myself when researching my material. Burt’s Bees whose known for their natural products has come out with a product line for babies. The stuff is so good that adults without children are buying the product for the great smell, great bubble production and there are no harmful itchy ingredients!

I have to admit I have never heard of Badedas before, but WOW does it have a following. Only made in Europe, the green bubble bath is supposedly superb. “Liquid Green Gold” is how one person reviewed the product. Clean smell of pine and great amount of bubbles. The reviews on this was so over the top that I must try it!Philosophy does a great job with their scents and charming packaging. There are many different scents to choose from, Amazing Grace, Cinnamon Buns, and Margarita being some of the top picks. The formulas are so good that they leave your skin smelling good enough to eat and soft and subtle.

Kiss My Face Bath and Shower Gel is a brand that uses only natural ingredients. Be waned the scent is Patchouli, so if you are not a fan of that scent, you won’t like it. But if you are, you will like the moisturizing bubbles and the calming scent. Oh Patchouli..Reminds me of those good ole college days.

LAVANDE is a lavender infused foaming Bath by L’Occitane. The peaceful smell of the lavender has a calming effect and bubbles that don’t overtake you. The only complaint was that the bottle wasn’t big enough!

Sugar Lemon Bath and Shower Gel by Fresh is scented with zesty citrus. Used as a cleanser and bubble bath, this two in one formula may have you lounging for that much longer.

VitaBath Gelee has been around for many years and has loyal fans to prove it. Scented with scents of pine this bath gelee is adored by women and men alike. Reviewers swear by the stuff using it for upwards of 30 years. Also said to be great to use as a shaving lotion and shampoo.

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