The Cube-A Yacht James Bond Would be Envious of

By Cindy
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We have seen some pretty amazing yachts over the years with all their custom accoutrements and every nifty gadget that one can desire. Checking out the new concept designs that are coming out, the custom spa with water feature on this motor yacht may take the cake as one of the most fabulous!

The Cube by Newcruise is a 75 m luxury motor yacht built with strong architectural lines. The luxury hot tub incorporates a clear sided wall that will also be the backdrop for the bar-Can you sayJames Bond? The upper deck (owners quarters) includes another plunge pool that will circulate the water accumulating into a sheet fall waterfall below onto the lower deck setting the scene behind cocktail bar-Genius!

Newcruise is known in the industry for their cool modern sleek lines. Using only the finest materials in the industry, the yacht maker has won numerous awards for their innovative ship making.

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