The Facts on Owning a Spa

By Cindy
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What is the difference between a hot tub, spa, whirlpool and Jacuzzi®?

A hot tub is an open-topped tank filled with circulated, filtered and chemically treated water. A hot tub is considered portable, as it is a totally self-contained unit that is typically found outdoors. On average, the water in a hot tub is drained once a quarter for regular maintenance purposes. A spa typically refers to an in-ground unit that is constructed on-site, and is most often part of a pool/spa combination. A whirlpool tub is commonly found indoors in the master bathroom or in other indoor facilities. Whirlpool tubs are filled and drained after each use and are not chemically treated. Jacuzzi® is a brand name that describes only those products manufactured by the Jacuzzi Company.

How do I know what type of spa to purchase?

Evaluate what the spa will be used for. If exercise and therapy will be the focus, consider a spa with depth and room for movement, or consider a swim spa that incorporates a swimming pool with a flow system that generates smooth river like currents. If the spa will be used recreationally, choose a model with four or more seats.

How should I prepare the location where I plan to install my Spa?

Finding a level area that can support the heavy weight of the unit once it’s filled with water. Many people choose to install some type of hardscaping such as flagstone or use gazebos, custom wood decking or flora around their spas to create a private oasis.

If you install indoors, pay close attention to flooring and wall construction as it could possibly cause moisture damage.

Are there any hidden costs?

Diamond Spas can specify all of the costs associated with the purchase of the spa, any necessary equipment or parts, installation, shipping and delivery. Contact Diamond Spas for an estimate on maintenance costs and to ensure the spa is being kept in optimal condition.

How will the addition of my spa affect my electric bill?

While electrical costs vary by region, model and quality of insulation, a recent study found that the average spa costs only $20 to $30 per month to operate. Diamond Spas can provide more specific information.

Will it be difficult to maintain the proper chemical balance in my spa?

Diamond Spas is a chlorine free company. The elimination of chlorine in your spa, helps reduce the amount of chlorine discharged in to the waste stream of your community. Recommended in all aquatic vessels is a two part system composed of an ultraviolet sterilizer and hydrogen peroxide (oxidation). Hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen and oxygen (active water). It reverts back to hydrogen and oxygen once it is spent. The ultraviolet bulb used in UV sterilization, replaced on a annual bases, far outweighs the negative effects of chlorine in our world.

Are stainless steel or copper spas difficult to clean or maintain?

Stainless steel is fairly easy to maintain. The metal is incredibly durable. We recommend using a mild soap and water with a soft cloth to clean stainless. Vinegar or club soda are useful for removing water spots. Towel drying your fixture after each use will help avoid water spotting. If an abrasive product is needed, use a green scotch bright pad. Use light to medium pressure and clean in a circular motion. Too much pressure may distort the finish. The maintenance of copper really depends on what the client is looking for. Copper has been termed a “living metal.” It is a metal constantly reacting to its environment. This reaction sparks vivid color combinations in the appearance of the copper. These combinations range from pinks, to greens, to browns. The copper will not change evenly either. It will spot and streak in some instances. For some clients, this is exactly what they desire in their fixture. They like the unpredictable nature of copper and admire its character. This kind of copper maintenance is very easy. Diamond Spas recommends using a mild dishwashing soap and soft sponge to clean the copper. For those clients who would like their fixture to look like a new, bright, shiny penny, maintenance is more involved. A copper cookware cleanser found in any grocery store will easily polish the copper. This new penny appearance involves polishing every one or two weeks.

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