The Importance of Sanitizing Your Whirlpool Soaking Tub and Custom Spa

By Cindy
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Whirlpools aka “jacuzzi tubs” were all the rage in the 90’s and having the name brand tub was thought of a somewhat luxury item.  As time went on the popularity grew, word starting getting out that tub owners were experiencing a foul smelling brown substance coming from their jets in their soaking tubs. As plumbers went to work, the findings were not too appealing. The slime was found to have mold and mildew with dead skin, sweat, lotions and soap and shampoo particles. Just what you think of when you take a cleansing bath right?

Researchers have found two ways in which this nasty susbstance can be kept at bay, proper installation and maintenance. We will talk about these two main points and how your next whirlpool tub will be your best purchase free from this harmful bacteria.


One of the most common mistakes when installing a whirlpool tub is that the pump is not placed correctly by the plumber, general contractor or builder. To ensure the plumbing pipes clear out entirely of water, the pump must be placed higher than the tub suction intake. By placing the pump highter, the water will drain with the forece of gravity and leave only traces of water in the pipes instead of standing water that can build up with access bacterias, and biofilms that are madee up of yeasts, fungi and other dangerous organisms. Biofilms are the browish/black particles that you will find floating in the tub after the jets are turned on. They are a sticky glue like substance that is typically resisant to conventional methods of disinfection and cause chronic illness and diseases. 


Maintenace is the key to keeping biofilms at bay. Diamond Spas suggests cleaning out the jet system every 8-10 weeks to keep bacteria out of the plumbing systems. 

Fill the tub with warm water and a small amount of dish detergent. Continue to fill the tub until there is about 2-3 inches of water above the bath tub jets. Once the tub is filled, turn on the jet system and run for approximately 10 minutes letting the sudsy water recirculate. After 10 minutes, empty the soiled water and refill with cold water and circluate for another 10 minutes and empty.

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