The New Way of Bathing. Micro Bubble Therapy.

By Cindy
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If you have spent any time at the spa or department stores lately, more than likely you have noticed oxygen infused products as the latest trend in skin rejuvenation.

Diamond Spas is working on a new microbubble system which will offer a highly innovative luxury bathing experience that infuses water under pressure with millions of micro sized, oxygen rich microbubbles, transforming your the bath water into a soothing cloud that helps moisturize, soften, restore and exfoliate skin, while relaxing your muscles and joints.

Studies are showing that adding this microbubble technology to your high end bath tub has many benefits that includes anti aging effects, improvement in blood flow, and pain relief from skin conditions such as exzema and psoriasis.

As we age, we tend to have less blood flow and less oxygen being delivered to our skin. The combination of the warm bath water and the microbubbles has a massage type affect on the muscles relaxing the muscles and joints which allowing the blood vessels to dilate allowing more blood to pass to the skin.

As we age our skin tends to dry out from decreased cell renewal and we loose the moisture that we are prone to in our youth. Mircrobubble therapy is a big trend in the beauty industry as researches are finding that by surrounding a bather with millions of tiny bubbles, they are able to clean out any pollutants and impurities. By cleaning out these pores, more moisture is able to go in deeper to the skins surface which increases hydration levels which aids with fine lines and moisture control. With the oxygenized bubbles the bath water is oxygenized 70% more than a bath filled with regular tap water..

Microbubbles are found to create heat. This heat provides consistent warmth of the body to boost circulation, encourage efficient release of toxins, and relax muscles for flexibility and faster recovery.

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