The Pampered Dogs Bath Life

By Cindy
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Never owning a dog before, I was in for quite a surprise when I first took my Havanese Dog to get groomed. Who would have thought a dog just a bit larger than a football would cost more than my high end hairdresser. Yes, I know they wash, dry, clip, and give the dogs some of the best hairstyles that Lassie could have ever wished for, but really?
I do admit when I picked up my dog up from the groomer he looks and smells so sweet but paying the bill I almost faint. If your dog is anything like mine, he is going to get home, roll around in the mulch, play with his other doggie brother that spits all over him and not hold his head in place to make sure those pretty locks that just went into his primping get knotted and tangled. Tell me, when did dogs start getting more pedicures than we do?
Then a thought came to me…I will try to beat the system and wash him in my large
soaking tub with pretty smelly shampoos and blow him dry just like I am his “spa girl”. Let me start by saying he is a great dog to wash in the tub. He loves to be bathed and slathered up with soap and water and will sit still all the while, but the the nastiness that is left behind in MY
freestanding tub was beyond gross. The dirt, fur and eye boogers left behind had me rethinking this whole dog grooming business. I love my baths too and now I didn’t want to step foot in the furry thing.
I then came across these fabulous dog washes that homeowners built into their homes. These owners have obviously had the same experience I did–Dirty human tubs. There are some fantastic ideas here from doggie washes to doggie showers, to custom stairs that help them get in and out of the tubs! Brilliant ideas folks..Now if I can only find a place to put the new dog tub. But until then, off to Otis’ mani/pedi!
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