The State of the Pool and Hot Tub Industry During the Pandemic

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When a pandemic swept across the nation and businesses began to close and even shut down, there was a lot of concern surrounding the pool and hot tub industry. Would all be lost for 2020? Surprisingly, not only has the industry survived the pandemic, but it’s also booming because of it! As the majority of the population isn’t going out as often or spending their savings on vacations, travel, or other getaway opportunities, many families are investing in custom pools and hot tubs that they can enjoy at home instead.

Managing Overflowing Demand

Deemed essential, the service sector hasn’t been held back by global economic shutdown as much as other industries. As a result, many in the service industry have experienced an uptick in demand, and amid global turmoil, our dedicated team members at Diamond Spas haven’t missed a beat. Our team has been ready to pick up the pace and accommodate every new request from the steady increase of individuals and families wanting to design their dream pool or hot tub. During the pandemic, we are able to continue to offer you the same unmatched service that you’ve grown accustomed to relying on.

Our Strategic Sales Process

The systems, sales, and design processes unique to Diamond Spas have always allowed us to work with individuals across the country without the need for in-person interaction. We even have experience working with customers outside of the United States, and as a result, our team is already equipped to handle virtual calls and provide optimum service regardless of where our customers are located.

Why Choose Diamond Spas for Custom Pools and Hot Tubs?

Pandemic or no pandemic, Diamond Spas can fabricate custom pools and hot tubs that will last a lifetime. We have an endless array of quality options to suit your specific needs, and with experience in both residential and commercial environments, our dedicated team will help you to determine the best choice for your space. During the pandemic we continue to live up to our high standards, enabling you to choose Diamond Spas to build your stunning spa or pool that will promote relaxation and generate memories for years to come. Contact our team today to design the custom pool or hot tub of your dreams.

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