The Tao of the Japanese Bath

By Cindy
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It took my breathe away. On first sight, I was transformed from the foot hills of a Japanese Ryokan, to the future of East meets West. The Japanese bath has arrived and to such a heightened level of interpretation that is nothing less than pure artistry. As a designer, my eyes are always open to see new products that blend into the Zen Living concept of design. Many times, the history of the Japanese culture needs to be interpreted into a fresh, cutting edge design, and this has been accomplished perfectly with this product offered by Diamond Spas in Colorado.

Clean lines, a smooth function impeccably created to reflect the healing meditative qualities of a Japanese Soaking tub. For centuries in Japan, the outdoor hot springs have attracted people for their healing qualities. The indoor bath or “ofuro” as it is called in Japanese, cleanses the body and the soul and is a tradition that has been passed on for generations. The shape and design of the ofuro is identifiably Japanese, for the depth of the custom soaking tub and the space saving size is to contain the individual to immerse themselves entirely up to their neck. The form remains the same.

Diamond-Spa Japanese-bath

The exquisite craftsmanship of Stephanie and Tom Bennett of Diamond Spas is giving new life to the artistry of Zen Living design. With form, function and an element of nature, the sacred space is brought to life. We need to rejuvenate our spirit as well as our bodies, and the Asian philosophies succeed at that, thanks to the artistry of brilliant visionaries in the design field.

stainless steel spa by diamond spas

In a three part series on Asian inspired design, the focus is on water and the tranquility that it brings into the home and business lifestyle. Even in a small installation, the simple message of elegant simplicity is magnified when combined with the contemporary Zen design of stainless, stone, water and nature. The organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright taught us that there is a connection to nature, and his vision has been imprinted on the soul of so many designers, myself included. Working in both the aquatic industry for the Koi and Japanese Gardens, combined with my interior work… I have found that there is no separation, that it is all one. I am honored to share these products to my design clients and all of you, for it is in our collective awareness that we can begin to embrace the past and raise our lifestyle to a new way of living. It is the quality of our life, the excellence of minimal that makes all the difference. Be the difference.

Love and Light… M
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