Thinking Out Of the Box When It Comes To Bathing

By Cindy
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When Philadelphia Architects Agoos Lovera converted this early–20th-century Connecticut horse barn into a guest house for family gatherings, the team reused as much of the original structure as possible. The most unusual feature is a round, copper spa tub inserted in the barn’s silo, which includes windows to provide light and views of surrounding trees. “This is indicative of the project in general,” said architect Jim Rowe. “The new uses fit into and enhance the existing spaces … so well that it seems as if they were originally designed for those purposes.”

Corner bath tubs and stairway bath tubs serve a great need-Utilizing space. Unique because you rarely see them, but a great find when you can find a fabricator that can customize the shape and size you need. When homeowners plan a remodel, many of them think of a rectangular bathtub that needs to fit flush against a wall, but with customization, you can basically find any open space and have a tub built for it.


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