Three Custom Hot Tub Features You’re Sure to Love

By Cindy
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When designing a custom hot tub,  the features you add can bring elegance, style, and beauty to any indoor or outdoor space. Using natural, durable, functional materials such as copper and stainless steel, our team of talented designers and skilled master craftsmen can fabricate a custom spa, bathtub, sink, pool, or water feature that will exponentially enhance your indoor or outdoor living space. Whether you need something as practical and functional as a new kitchen or bathroom sink or wish to create a unique water feature for your home that brings a touch of tranquility, style, and grace to your world, our custom pools, spas, and water features offer a beautiful, long lasting, and memorable design element that will complement your own unique sense of style.

For timeless beauty and an unsurpassed aquatic experience here are three custom design  features  we think you’ll love:

Custom seating. One of the ways we personalize our tubs, pools, and spas to suit each customer is through the use of custom seating designed for your bathing or soaking pleasure. We can design any number of custom seating options for you, including personal Ofuro seating. Ofuro soaking tubs are deep, steep walled bathtubs that have been used by the Japanese since ancient times to relieve both physical and spiritual maladies. This technique of total immersion in hot water eases away physical and mental tension, stress, soothes pain, and stimulates circulation. Picture yourself descending into the warm, healing waters of a custom designed stainless steel or copper bathtub or outdoor spa, enjoying the perfect fit of your own personal Ofuro seat. Relax and let the swirling waters surround your body as you bask in the soothing tranquility of your own private oasis. Whether it’s an Ofuro seat, custom bench seating, or a set of ascending or descending steps, custom seating arrangements are a water feature design element that truly makes your tub or spa your very own retreat to enjoy at any time, day or night.
Water Features. One of the most popular water feature designs among our happy customers are water spouts. There’s something about the sight and sound of water cascading down from above into a pool of water that is almost hypnotic. This attractive design feature can be added to your indoor tub, outdoor swimming pool, or private spa in several ways. Your water spout can be small or large, and you can have one, two, or more. The design is only limited by your imagination and preference. Everyone will enjoy listening to the soothing sound of a cascading waterfall as they lounge in or near the water, and the added benefit of a sheer wall of water to sit or stand beneath is always a fun option for bathers and swimmers. Water spouts and waterfalls bring a natural element to any bathing situation that gives a sense of being outdoors in nature, enhancing the enjoyment of every experience.

Automatic covers. Along with increasing the enjoyment of every pool, spa, or hot tub experience, our discerning clients are also concerned with the safety of those who participate in poolside fun. A notable safety aspect of water feature design is the automatic cover. With an outdoor pool, spa, or hot tub, an automatic cover is a practical design feature that protects the integrity of your vessel as well as any visitors who may be unable to swim, or whose safety may be compromised by uninhibited access to a water source. Automatic protective covers protect your investment and help maintain the integrity of your pool, hot tub, or spa year-round, in all kinds of weather, and automation relieves you of the cumbersome task of covering and uncovering your water feature when you want to enjoy it. We know you’ll love the fact that you can take advantage of this practical and useful design feature with the touch of a button, and rest assured that your pool, hot tub, or spa is safe and protected.

Diamond Spas can provide you with a custom spa, hot tub, or pool that has all the water feature design elements you desire. Call us today at (800) 951-7727 to see how Diamond Spas can help you transform your space using a
custom designed water feature
with all the quality, attention to detail, beauty of design, and sense of style that you deserve.

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