Tiling Your Pool and Spa

By Cindy
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Diamond Spas custom hot tubs and pools are made out of stainless steel and/or copper and are polished and waxed and ready for installation when shipped.  Some of our clients want tile to be applied to our finished metal spas. Most of our commercial installations are required to have tile installed on the luxury pools and spas as it is typically required by building code especially when there is a depth change as in steps etc.

Although Diamond Spas does not apply tile to our lap pools or hot tubs, we can have them “tile ready” so when your Diamond Spas product arrives on the project site it is ready for tile application. It is very important for your sales rep to know up front that tile will be applied to the product so our design engineers can make the necessary steps of shimming (popping out) the jet heads, topsides,suctions and drains to make space for the tile thickness. This way all options on the custom tubs will sit flush with the tile.  In the image above, you can see how the jet heads have been shimmed so when tile is applied, the tile will sit flush with the jet head.


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