Top 20 Things to Consider When Ordering Your Custom Spa

By Cindy
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With Diamond Spas celebrating 20 years in business this month, we are celebrating everyting #20.
Our stainless steel and copper custom spas are the #1 selling product here at DSI and we thought it would be helpful to list out important things to consider before choosing your personalized hot tub and its features.
TOP 20 things to consider before ordering your custom hot tub
  1. Where are you going to placing the spa? The spa will need a hard, level smooth surface.  (Concrete works best.)
  2. Are there any views you are trying to capture?
  3. Are there any obstacles to think about at the installation site?
  4. What are your local codes?  Electrical, Spa Codes, Sound, Fencing.
  5. How are you going to placing the spa?  Crane it up? Dolly into place?  Fork lift?
  6. How will you be using your spa? Year round or only during certain months?
  7. Is your spa going to be dropped into the ground or self-standing?
  8. It is important to make sure equipment and jet access is taken into consideration when designing a spa.
  9. If your spa is self-standing, where will you place the removable panels that are needed to be incorporated so technicians can fix any leaking and / or problems that may arise.
  10. If your spa is going to be dropped into the ground? DSI recommend at least 18” around the entire spa are retained for your technician to be able to access plumbing and equipment?
  11. Where would be the best place be for the pump,  pool equipment and spa vault to be located? How far will they be from the spa if the spa is not self-contained?
  12. What is the best way for you to heat your spa?
  13. Will you need water proofing under your spa?
  14. Do you have a qualified pool or spa installer you will be working with through the installation phase?
  15. Who is going to be maintaining the spa on a regular basis?
  16. Is ther noise surrounding your home that you can block out with a water feature?
  17. How many bathers will typically be using the hot tub?
  18. How do you plan to cover the hot tub?
  19. How do you plan on getting in and out of the hot tub? Will be stairs be required outside of the tub?
  20. What kind of seating arrangements are you wanting? Bench seats, Lounge Seats, Private Ofuro Seats?

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