Top Items Every Kitchen Should Have

By Cindy
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Mick De Giulio has made quite a name for himself in the Design Industry. Known for his kitchen interiors, De Giulio should
know kitchen design since it is reported that he has been part of 3,000 kitchen projects. His reputation proceeds him, with awards such as 50 most influential people in the kitchen and bath industry, and
Interior Designs choice of Kitchen and Bath Design Leaders. It is no wonder than that
House Beautiful interviewed him asking him his top options to place in the kitchen here are his top 11!

1. Natural Light

Look for ways to maximize light, from eliminating cabinets next to windows to using transparent or reflective materials like glass and stainless steel.

2. Comfort
I like to incorporate soft seating, a TV, and — when I can — a fireplace, to make the kitchen the coziest place in the house.

3. Visual Texture
It’s the mix of woods, countertop materials, and finishes that creates warmth, personality, and mood.

4. Stainless Steel
The consummate neutral, it looks great with everything and will never go out of style. I love its organic quality — it develops a well-worn patina over time.

5. An Island
If space allows, an island is essential. It’s the social center of the kitchen.

6. A Great Sink
Accessories (such as custom stainlesss steel kitchen sinks) which integrate colander and a sliding cutting boards make working there more efficient.

7. Integrated Refrigeration
Creating cabinet facades to hide refrigeration units gives me a tremendous amount of design freedom. By eliminating a large, boxy element, I can make a kitchen feel more room-like.

8. High-Performance Appliances
Today, high-efficiency burners and ovens with convection and self-cleaning are really indispensable.

9. A Hook
Every great kitchen has a hook, that one unique element that just pulls you in. It could be a hood, a sink (stainless steel apron sink), or a pot rack.

10. A Kitchen Designer
Kitchen design is complicated, and the landscape is constantly changing. Hiring a professional is perhaps the most valuable investment you will make.

11. Ice Cream
In my opinion, no kitchen is complete without it.

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