Top Trends in Bathroom Renovations

By Cindy
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With the bathroom being the second most popular room in the house to remodel after the kitchen, here are the the top trends we are seeing in 2014!

Master Bath takes center stage.

  • 60% of homeowners are renovating their bathrooms while 61% are choosing to start from scratch gutting the entire bathroom.

The Older You Are the More Likely Bathtubs are Going Out the Window.

  • 59% of homeowners aged 65 are likely to skip the soaking tub altogether.
  • 36% of 25-34 year olds plan to skip it in the master.
  • 39% of 25-34 year olds plan to skip it in another bathroom.

Bath Lover Have 3 Styles to Choose From:

One Sink or two?

  • 91% of homeowners are replacing their master bathroom sink.
  • 45% aged 25-44 are installing 2 custom vessel sinks.
  • 58% of homeowners aged45 are installing two sinks.

Glass Rules the Master Bath

  • 79% prefer glass shower doors over a shower curtain.

Green Flushing

  • 91% of homeowners are installing high efficiency toilets.

White Cabinets Are The Top Choice for Renovations.

  • Top 3 wood choices:
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak


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