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Transform an Ordinary Shower Into the Extraordinary

The outdoor living trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, luxury amenities like outdoor showers are trending now more than ever. These custom outdoor features allow homeowners to enjoy all of the luxuries of an indoor shower – outside. Whether you prefer basking in the sunshine or enjoying a hot shower beneath the stars, there is a custom outdoor shower option available to meet your desires.

Customizing Your Luxury Outdoor Shower

Because an outdoor shower doesn’t usually face the same space constraints as an indoor version, you have many more options for your custom outdoor shower. We can create an almost endless array of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Our expert designers and fabricators can create a shower pan perfect for you and your family

We can accommodate whatever design elements your landscape architect wants to include in your luxury outdoor shower. This includes the placement and type of drain, metal wall paneling accents, or a gorgeous and seamless built-in bench.

Choose the custom copper or stainless steel drain pan that will best complement the outdoor aesthetic you desire. These sophisticated custom metal pans exude refined elegance. Copper drain pans will develop a lovely patina over time while the stainless steel versions will retain their original sleek good looks. Both materials are easy to clean and copper has the added benefit of possessing natural antimicrobial properties.

Creating with Diamond Spas

Our design, engineering, and fabrication teams will work with you and your landscape designers to create a shower pan that meets your exact specifications. We are very proud of our thorough and efficient process. When you see your beautiful new shower pan in person, we’re sure you’ll agree! Contact us to learn more and to begin the process of creating the perfect custom outdoor shower.

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