Types of Inground Swimming Pools

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There’s nothing better than relaxing by a swimming pool on long, hot summer days. That is, unless the pool you’re relaxing by is your own inground swimming pool in your own backyard! If you’ve always dreamed about being the proud owner of a luxury swimming pool type, our expert team at Diamond Spas can help design and fabricate a custom swimming pool for you. But before we start planning all those pool parties you’re sure to have, it’s important to know that there are different types of inground swimming pools.

There are four main materials that inground pools are made out of; concrete, fiberglass, vinyl, and metal, and they each have different advantages to them. It’s important to understand the different materials before you commit to one, which is where we come in. Below, we’ll go over the different materials available for inground pools and which material we at Diamond Spas specialize in.

Kinds of Inground Swimming Pools

While each of these types of inground swimming pools have variations, these are the four main types of materials used in building inground pools:

  • Concrete

Concrete pools are the most common inground swimming pools, and the flexibility involved with working with concrete is why. You can build a pool type with Diamond Spas of any size, shape, or design with concrete pools, which are reinforced by steel rods covered in plaster. The shell of the pool is also coasted in plaster, giving it a smooth and chic finish.

  • Fiberglass

When it comes to affordability, the type of inground swimming pools with fiberglass as the material are one of the cheaper options on the market. They’re easy to install because the pool is manufactured prior to installation, so you simply insert the pool into the ground. Fiberglass is also relatively low maintenance, requires less chemical usage thanks to the gelcoat, which hinders algae build up, and look chic. One downside to fiberglass is that these pools are typically smaller and limited as far as design goes.  

  • Vinyl

Vinyl pools follow just behind concrete pools as far as price and design diversity goes. Because vinyl is a malleable material, you can very easily customize the type of inground swimming pool – its size and shape however you want. 

  • Metal

Metal inground swimming pool types at Diamond Spas are becoming increasingly popular over their vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete counterparts thanks to metal being more environmentally friendly and the overall inviting aesthetic that metal pools, such as stainless steal and copper, have. Copper and stainless-steel pools can be completely customized to any shape, size, and depth. Copper and steel also weigh less than traditional pool materials, which results in lower costs when it comes to construction and installation.

At Diamond Spas, we specialize in copper and stainless-steel pools and will work with you to design and install the type of inground swimming pool you dream of.  To learn more about our services and to get started designing your dream pool, contact our team today!


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