Ultimate Wish List is Out

By Cindy
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The holidays are coming, and you know what that means for Neiman Marcus? The highly anticipated Christmas Book. The 2012 edition is out and includes some very interesting and some very cool products. A $99,000 water propelled jetpack, a $30,00 walk on role to the Broadway musical “Annie” and a $100,000 henhouse? Man, those must be some AMAZING eggs!

The ultimate wish list book has been coming out with their unparalleled gift ideas for over 50 years now offering everything from the peculiar gold toilet seat that retailed for $250 in 1965 to a his and hers luxury bath tub for $4,000 to the flawless 44 carats diamond ring that retailed for $800,000 in 2003.

The most expensive item ever offered was an unfinished Boeing Business Jet for more than $35 million. The most sought after items in the book are the luxury automobiles that Neiman Marcus offers. Made exclusively for Neiman Marcus, the cars sell out within 24 hours of availability. This years chosen car is the MP4-12C Spider which is offered at a cool $354,000.


For more history on Neiman Marcus and their Holiday catalogs origination check out this video by the iconic store:


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