Unearthing the Beauty

By Cindy
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The Architectural Design Home Show turned out to be a fabulous show for us in so many ways. Our team was able to meet so many talented designers, architects and artisans from around the world, we won best in show and we are seeing new sales from the show! That’s what we call a successful trade show!

Although we were busy during the show we were happy to get the chance to check out some of our peers work. One of those we had the chance to visit was Green River Stone Company. What a cool company and concept. Their work is simply captivating. Their specialty is using fossils that are found in the lake beds of Wyoming and creating them into a work of art. Sounds like an easy task, but there is a lot of work that goes into unearthing these fossils. From small hand tools and picks that pick up the layers of stone, the laborious task has an end result of a highly defined fossil in which every bone is shown in high definition. These fossils are then added to a number of products they offer from counter tops, tables, murals and tiles.

We loved their work so much that we are looking into doing some collaborative work with Green River Stone Company. We think our copper custom sinks, or a Japanese style bath would fit in nicely along side these fossils in stone. We’ll keep you posted!

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