Unforgettable Hotel Baths

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(CNNGo) — Bathing can be so much more than a mindless chore. Travelers looking to clean up will find that blowing bubbles in these tubs is definitely not kid’s stuff.

From this Indian Ocean-facing basin built for two, above, you can see schools of flying fish and the occasional snorkeler break the surface. Guests also have the opportunity to dunk with resident baby sharks and sting rays (body parts are of of no interest to these tuna-eating flesh seekers).

Price: $1,400 per night

Website: Huvafen Fushi

Afrika House, Bambu Indah (Bali, Indonesia)

Afrika House bath, Bambu Indah

Bathers get an excellent view of Ayung River Valley from inside this heavily hand-beaten copper tub — which is entirely exposed to the elements and those who tend them.

Recycled wood was used to construct the open-air bathroom attached to this re-purposed 19th century Javanese prince’s house. Not that most bathers will have saving the world on their minds as they stare at the climax of Mount Batu Kau on the horizon.

Price: US$260 per night

Website: Bambu Indah

Hibiya Suite, The Peninsula Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

Hibiya Suite bath, The Peninsula Tokyo

That steam-proof 15-inch TV at one end of this ceramic soaker with city views can’t be getting much play when there’s so much more fun to be had by pressing the spa button instead. Guests probably aren’t spending US$12,000 a night just to watch Macaroni Rascals in the bath. Or maybe they are. More power to them.

Everything is within reach will while soaking in the granite bath designed to engorge itself onto the surrounding marble floor, Japanese onsen style.

Price: US$12,000 per night

Website: The Peninsula

Studios, Upper House (Hong Kong)

Studios bath, Upper House

For those who like their cleansing a little festive, this over-sized tub inside a stark white stone bathroom is elevated for maximum exposure to Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights, the urban illumination at 8 p.m. every night.

Culture nuts may be curious about the room’s central artwork called Cocoon, while others will want to do just that under water in the shadow of Victoria Harbour or views of Peak Hill.

Price: US$387 per night

Website:Upper House

L600 and L900 Landmark Suites at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong)

Landmark Suites bath at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Two feet deep and seven across, you can almost do laps around this tub.

These urban plunge pools have been known to cause the occasional businessman to go missing from meetings. One call to the spa and a bath attendant rocks up to fill the tub while pimping it out with candles and massage oils.

Price: L600 US$820 per night; L900 US$1,190 per night

Website: The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

5. Diplomatic Suites, Park Hyatt Seoul (Seoul, South Korea)

Diplomatic Suites bath, Park Hyatt Seoul

In the Diplomatic Suites, bathers soak alongside floor-to-ceiling glass windows allowing you to overlook the high tech metropolis while you scrub up. Blinds are available for non-exhibitionists.

Japan’s ‘Super Potato’ juxtaposes the contoured granite bath against cool Chinese aji stone.

Price: Diplomatic Suite: US$3,500 per night

Website: Park Hyatt Seoul

Every room at the Swag Inn in North Carolina has something charming that awaits each guest. In this room, the outdoor
copper ellipse bathtub overlooks thousands of miles of mountain views.

Price: Starts at $700 a night

Website: Swag Country Inn

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