Unique Faucets add Panache to Custom Sinks

By Cindy
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Artisan Stainless Steel Vessel Sink

Look in most homes today and you will find standard, white, over mount porcelain sinks..Look in any suburban home and you will agree. I know it because I have them throughout my own home and have seen them in all my friends homes across the country.

What I have now come to realize by being in the Kitchen and Bath industry is that I need to think out of my “Home Dept Box”… Loews and Home Depot are my comfort go-to-zones. Don’t get me wrong, I love Loews and Homes Depot, but c’mon sometimes we need to see what else is out there in our big world. Bathroom pedestal sinks or vessel sinks don’t need to be the old standard white porcelain plain sinks. This is an area where we get out of our box and get out of our creature of habit ways. My next honey do list has my honey installing a custom stainless steel sink. An easy up-do that will add a lot of punch to my standard white home depot bathroom.

Consider adding some creative punch to that newly installed stainless steel vessel sink with these cleverly designed sink faucets. These favorable faucets are quite cool with their twists and turns adding whimsy to traditional faucet design.

bent chrome, bent faucet, Ceramica Flaminia, chrome, faucet, fitting, Fold Faucet, innovative faucet, Lorenzo Damiani, mixer Fold Faucet by Ceramica Flaminia’s
The Fold faucet by
Ceramica Flaminia is an Italian manufacturer who has been in the business since the 1950’s.

Ultra Faucet by Santec

The geometric shape of the Ultra faucet by Santec brings modern hipness to any bathroom.

Karbon by Kohler

The Karbon faucet by Kohler is their take on contemporary design. Manufactured with pivot points, the foldable faucets can be maneuvered in many directions.

Emerald glass faucets by Glass Faucet

This may be one of the coolest custom sink faucets I have ever seen! The colors and shapes are simply glorious. Now this probably isn’t for a house with small children (or maybe just my children) but wow what a statement piece. The Glass Faucet is the custom fabricator of these beauties and is based in St Louis. LOVE IT!

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